Exclusive branded products at elasto.

Through exclusive brand partnerships, we offer our customers not only high-quality and durable products, but also a unique shopping experience.

Our partner brands stand for quality, innovation as well as innovation and are carefully selected to fulfill your individual wishes.

Discover the variety of our exclusive brands and let the quality and durability of our products convince you.

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air up® x elasto:

air up® is the world's first refillable drinking system that adds flavor to water through scent alone. This is based on the physiological phenomenon of retronasal olfaction. 

The black bottle is made of pure stainless steel (#304), has a capacity of 480 ml and is suitable for carbonated and non-carbonated water. It also keeps water cold for up to 14 hours.


This is how the bottle works.

A pod filled with natural flavors (e.g. cherry) is placed on the mouthpiece and as soon as you drink from the straw, flavored air is drawn into the throat along with the water.

The fragrance molecules are then perceived as a taste when you exhale.

up2u x elasto:

Exclusively in the elasto range! Sustainable and foldable reusable cup for carefree drinking pleasure ToGo.

The unique and innovative MuC My useful Cup® comes from Germany, from the idea right through to production.

With a capacity of 350 ml, the stylish branded product offers enough space for your favorite drinks of all kinds.

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami folding, the elegant drinking cup has a patented folding mechanism that allows it to shrink to a third of its size for optimum storage.

Extremely light and robust and ready to use in no time at all. The climate-friendly MuC My useful Cup® is fully recyclable and therefore contributes to a sustainable environment.

Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

SIGEL x elasto:

The high-quality notebooks are available in A4 and A5 format in hard and soft cover. 

The high-quality thread stitching ensures a long service life.

To keep your entries clear and organized, the book contains a table of contents and numbered pages.

Further details such as the elastic band closure, the pen loop, the quickpocket and the archive pocket give the notebook a high-quality and respectable layout.

SIGEL notebooks can be customized with blind embossing and digital printing. The metal clip can also be finished with digital printing. With this personalized finishing, every notebook becomes a unique tool.