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elastoNature plastics are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional plastics and are also produced in a climate-friendly way.

elastoNature consists of carbohydrates (e.g. maize or sugar cane) mixed with mineral fillers. The basic building material of the plant-based plastic is carbohydrates, which are converted into plastic through chemical processes. The carbohydrates thus replace crude oil. They are bio-based, can be biodegradable or long-lasting and offer a more sustainable option for reducing dependence on fossil raw materials in plastics production. The market for this has been growing for several years.


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Environmentally friendly & recyclable.
The bioplastic used is biodegradable or durable. It is also recyclable and can be used to generate energy at the end of its life cycle, which reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.

Plant-based bioplastic.
Conventional plastics are usually produced with a proportion of crude oil. Bioplastics offer an alternative, more sustainable source of raw materials and conservation of fossil resources.

Closed CO2 circuit.
Renewable raw materials for biomaterials bind Co2 during their growth and only release this stored Co2 again at the end of their life, thus creating a closed Co2 cycle.

Reduction of CO2-emissions.
Plastic made from renewable raw materials "Made in Germany", contributes to the reduction of Co2 emissions and utilises the photosynthesis potential, binding the Co2.

Innovation potential & topicality.
The development and use of bioplastics is also increasingly in demand among consumers.

Long-term sustainability.
The use of bioplastics is a step towards a circular and sustainable economy that aims to protect the environment and conserve resources in the long term.

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Our products have a negative global warming potential.
 For example, 182 g of Co2 are bound per cup of "Tivoli":

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We also utilise various quality management tools in our "Made in Germany" production at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg site and operate a comprehensive sustainability management system!

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